About kettuvallam

Why kettuvallam Houseboats?

Discover the Unique Attraction of Kettuvallam Journeys

Explore the culture of Kerala by setting out on a voyage in a traditional kettuvallam. We’re not just your hosts; we’re comrades with you. Embark on a tranquil houseboat voyage with us! Explore idyllic destinations, reserve your spot now for a personalized and serene travel experience aboard our Houseboats! At every step of your journey, we prioritize providing an essential sense of peace and tranquility.

Join Us on This Adventure

Ready for a trip where every sunset feels like a high-five and every sunrise whispers a story? Come, hop aboard with Kettuvallam Houseboats – where simplicity meets luxury, and every journey is an invitation to fall in love with Alleppey.

With Kettuvallam Houseboats, every moment becomes a celebration—whether it’s savoring traditional culinary delights prepared with love, or simply basking in the timeless beauty that is Alleppey.

Who we are

The Beginning

Back in 1998, a bunch of us dreamers decided to bring a slice of Kerala's backwater magic to the world. Kettuvallam Houseboats was born, not just as a business, but as a love letter to the rich heritage of Alleppey.

Our Floating Masterpieces

Let's talk about our pride and joy – the houseboats. Imagine stepping onto a boat that's like a blend of tradition and a cozy hotel room. That's what we're all about.

Your Journey with Us

From the moment you step on board to the moment you reluctantly say goodbye, we're on this ride with you. Expect not just a stay but a plunge into the soul of Alleppey. Good food, good times, and a sprinkle of local magic

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