Activities with kettuvallam

See the natural beauty in the backwater canals.

Discover the magic of Alleppey, Kerala with a myriad of activities awaiting you! Explore the enchanting backwaters, and indulge in authentic local cuisine. The canals in the countryside are really pretty. The water moves gently, surrounded by lots of green plants and the sound of birds singing. It’s like a calm and beautiful picture, with the sky reflecting in the water. Nature has its own special way of making simple things look amazing

Canoe Ride

In the mornings by the canals, things get lively. People come out of their homes to do things like washing clothes, taking baths, and cleaning dishes by the river. You’ll see lots of smiles, waves, and get a close-up look at how the locals live. It’s when kids are going to school, women are busy with home stuff, and people are heading to work using bridges and paths by the canals. You can expect lots of friendly waves and smiles. Your Kerala backwater cruise will be an unforgettable experience.

Coconut Husk Removal

sure thing! On the Alleppey backwater cruise, coconut trees are like your constant buddies. They’re everywhere, and people use coconuts for pretty much everything. One important task is getting rid of the tough outer layer of the coconut, and there’s a special tool for that. Imagine learning the ropes and giving it a go in a local home. How cool is that?

Cycling Trips

We give our guests comfy bikes to switch things up from the boat or walking and explore Alleppey and the nearby areas. The lush Kuttanad region is great for cycling. The paths take you through fields, villages, and canals. You can stop to take pictures or have a cup of chai in small teashops.

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